I am a student of first batch of 'tcs'. It is a unique experience to study in 'tcs' as we can save our time instead of wasting it behind tutions. I am able to get enough time at home for study.
Bhavin Choksi
A student of first batch
I was earlier studying in a school at Rajkot. Initially, I face difficulties in adjusting with the system but with course of time I got adjusted to it and even started enjoying it. It is benificial to me in all subjects.
Smit Hirpara
A former student
Joining 'tcs' was a completely different experience for me as i have changed board from CBSE to GSEB. I am very happy and satisfied joining 'tcs' and adopting their system. Studing for 4-5 hours becomes my daily routine and still i get time to pursue my hobbies.
Shrutangi Vaidhya
A student of 'tcs'
I was in a dilemma whether to change school or not. But joining 'tcs' really helped a lot. In 'tcs' we prepare for competitive exams & also we are relieved from mental stress.
Aesha Patel
A student of 'tcs'
I am student of 1st batch of 'tcs'. Many students from CBSE board and also from far off towns have taken admission and they are benifitted. Regular and chapterwise test schedule makes student study on regular basis.
Jagruti Berwa
A student of First Batch
This school is benificial in many ways. (i) teachers clear the doubt until the student understands it properly. (ii) audio - visual facility is provided through which student has no need to imagine, instead he/she can see it.
Rikta Parikh
A student of 'tcs'
Our daughter Yesha Chauhan presently in 10th was earlier studying in regular school. We feel proud that now our daughter is studying in 'tcs' - The Complete System. 'tcs' is excellent school + extraordinary tuition, at one place.
Dr. Yogita & Dr. Rajendra Chauhan
We are really happy with The Complete System. Our child gets a lot of time to cherish her hobbies. She seems more hassle free and has definitely developed a new, more eager and keen interest in her studies. We are proud of our decision to shift her to The Complete System.
Dr. Shital Vaidhya
Shrutangi's Parent
Focus, carrer oriented and discipline learning is synonyms of 'tcs'. In 'tcs' there is excellent teaching team with very good knowledge and sincerity to improve the students.
Dr. Gopal Parikh
Rikta's Parent
Studying in Vidhya Personal Tuitions was a great experience. I have gone through rigorous training sessions, in form of various tests and lectures taken by best teachers. I would like to thank all my teachers at VPT has made me capable of getting 'A' throughout my life.
Neel Vaidya
A student of 11th Science
Studying at Vidhya Personal Tuitions definitely helped me in getting my desired results in 9th & 10th. The competitive environment inspired us to work more. The learning from the experienced teachers was the best thing at VPT.
Zabkrut Thakkar
A student of 12th Science
I am thankful to all my teachers who has given me excellent guidance during 9th and 10th at VPT and also to all my teachers at tcs during 11th & 12th Science which has helped me in getting admission in MBBS at Gotri Medical College, Baroda.
Meet Gandhi
A former student of 'tcs' & VPT
My daughter Dhruvi studied under gauidance of Sonal Madam and Mihirbhai in 9th and 10th standard. We were happy with personal coaching they had given to my daughter. And one more thing it that the style of teaching was excellent.
Dr. Tushar Chokshi
TCS has a team of well qualified teachers who have their expertise in their respective subjects and make teaching very friendly for the students. It is my best experience of learning under the guidance of such teachers.
Mahara Ravindra
A student of Semester 2
Nice teaching, weekly tests as per board pattern and studies without stress are some of the benefits that TCS provides to students.
Isha Nafade
A student of Semester 2
TCS has truly fulfilled the concept of education as it serves both as school and tuitions. No extra guidance is required. The saved time can be utilized for self-learning. Regular tests on alternate days make learning more easier.
Aanal Bhoiwala
A student of Semester 2
After 10th exams, I was in search of a solution for all my queries about lack of time to study, running here and there for different tuitions in addition to school and time to prepare for competitive exams that every student of any regular school has to face and finally got a very satisfactory answer at TCS. Regular personal doubt solving by teachers and fun-loving teaching made an excellent academic life for me. Regular tests, no burden of practical and time for preparing for competitive exams and extensive support from teachers is the biggest advantage of this system.
Parth Parikh
A student of Semester 2
From CBSE to GSEB, a totally new experience but I gradually got accustomed to it being in TCS. The faculty teachers are all experienced in the skill and application of their respective subjects. Their effort behind students just shows in the outstanding results of this school. Concepts are made clear here and thorough knowledge is provided in the subject here. Back to home, no need of extra tuitions which is the most advantageous and one gets an average of 7 hours of study time to prepare for boards as well as for competitive exams. No pressure on students who also find time to relax along with studies.
Devesh Gianchandani
A student of Semester 2
Time saving is what a student of 11th and 12th standard thinks all the time and it comes to mind when one talks about TCS. The students get more time to study, time to pursue their hobbies. Most of the things are learnt well in school itself, so students get time to prepare for competitive exams at home. If a student of this school utilizes this advantage offered by this school in proper way the one can do the best of one’s potential in board exams as well as in competitive exams.
Shreeya Desai
A student of Semester 2
Personal attention to each student, sufficient amount of practice, interesting techniques of studying and practical along with theoretical knowledge is provided at TCS. It was dream come true, for me by scoring above 85% in boards by being in TCS.
Himanshu Karamchandani
A student of Semester 2
he best part about TCS is that there is a complete focus on studies, and there is no wastage of time in any non-essential activity. Saving of time – is really a great advantage that TCS offers to its students. The total time after the school hour is available for self preparation. The regular assessment of students by chapter wise and weekly tests, expert guidance given by teachers and ample study material in form of worksheets and pamphlets surely leads us to desired success in 11th and 12th standard. It’s all due to this school only, that I could secure A1 grade in all Science subjects and A2 grade in English and Computer subjects.
Shloka Baxi
A student of Semester 2
TCS, for me is the combination of Tuition Class and School, at a place, saving lot of time and energy, as there is no need to commute here and there for separate tuition classes after the school. At TCS we have excellent teaching faculties who are very friendly and innovative in their own teaching style..! Coming from the school in the town of Khambhat to TCS at Vadodara, I am now enjoying the competition that I am getting here from my classmates, who are all top-rankers of their previous schools. If a student is sincere and knows how to utilize the time after the school hours for preparation, then TCS is the best opportunity, one can ever get…
Aman Mazumdar
A student of Semester 2
Changing from CBSE to GSEB was tough, and migrating from Jamnagar to Vadodara was even tougher. Coming to TCS, I have benefitted a lot. Every topic is taught in detail making concepts clear. Teachers are fun-loving and co-operative. Th small tests conducted on every alternate day, helps us to prepare the covered topics. With proper and wise use of the time, that is available in plenty, one can achieve desired success. Even the worksheets, practice papers, assignments given are very beneficial.
Mansi Shukla
A student of Semester 2
Teachers of TCS are in service for 365 x 24 x 7….as we can approach them any time, either through SMS, email or even personally for doubts, difficulties or anything. Along with intense studies, I am getting mental and physical rest too. The scope for preparation for tough competitive exams is also widened by TCS by conducting regular tests. For me, at least, TCS means TIME to study, COMFORTABLE life and SCOPE of preparation for competitive exams.
Varshil Desai
A student of Semester 2